Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Alex in Montebello: Safe and Sound!
Good evening, Growers!
First my apologies to Alex in Montebello for not getting these images on the website sooner. The e-mail forwarding service that I have from Cornell University sometimes forwards messages and images, and sometimes doesn't. These images were sent to me by Alex in Montebello May 21st, but I didn't see them until tonight...
As you can see, Alex went ahead and punched a hole in his patio in order to have sufficient space to grow. That, dear readers and growers, is dedication! Alex also used some shade cloth to cover his seedlings to protect them from the wind. As soon as I have some updated images, I'll be posting them.
Finally, please make a note of an alternative e-mail address for me: Your images and messages should be able to get through without any problems.
Have a great evening!