Sunday, June 08, 2008

An Excellent Morning at Orange County Farm Supply!

Good evening, Growers!

Yesterday morning was the annual giant pumpkin growing workshop at Orange County Farm Supply. As always, there was a large and enthusiastic group of past, present, and future giant pumpkin growers. We were even joined by Gisele Schoniger and Toby LeBron of Kellogg Garden Products who were most generous in adding to the door prize drawing pool by giving away some half-gallon bags of potting soil. If you look closely at the top picture, you can see the giant pumpkin seedlings that found new patches and gardens to eventually dominate and cover in a few weeks. One of yesterday's giant pumpkin seedling winners was Curtis Hayes of the South Coast Plumeria Society and the California Gourd Society, and a veteran grower.

Chris Roy and Ron Goff of Orange County Farm Supply will be growing again this year, so watch out!

Many thanks to all attendees for their support, enthusiasm and persistence.

Good luck!