Thursday, June 05, 2008

Container Growing with Charleen in Carlsbad!
Hi Stuart,
My name is Charleen and I attended your seminar at Cedros Gardens, in Solana Beach, CA. in April. I live in Carlsbad, CA. I went home and planted the seedling in mid-May. I elevated the planting by using a 45 gallon, plastic trashcan with the bottom cut out and placed upside down. Prior to this, I dug a hole about 3' deep, and I filled it with a combination of sand, mulch and planting mix. I used the same mix to fill the trashcan. I then ran a sprinkler line to the top of the trashcan and planted the seedling. The attached photo shows the progress and growth. I'm having a blast watching it grow "DAILY" ! Please see attached photo and check-out the method for "shade".
Thanks very much Charleen! I hope you grow a monster!