Tuesday, June 03, 2008

John aka Farmer John: A Season of Change
How are things going?
If you go to the link below you will see how this year's patch is progressing.We have made a lot of changes this year. The main improvement was to replace the 30 year old "railroad tie" planters with the concrete block versions. We think this will help with the bug situation. As you can see we have decided to try two mounds this year as well as putting a couple of seedlings in last year's mound. I also thought you might like the way I converted my sprinkler heads to suit my pumpkin watering needs. It was the most logical way to use the timers as well as prevent the overhead watering that the normal sprinkler action would have done. We are using 4 different kinds of seeds this year and had a 100% germination rate! As you can see I found a place (Atwood sales in Placentia) to buy bulk manure. It was extremely cost effective. That truck load was only about $35.
Good luck and we'll see you soon, Farmer John