Friday, June 06, 2008

Kim in Pasadena's Secret Fertilizer
Good morning, Stuart!
After losing both pumpkin vines early in the season last year, we're ready for another try. Getting both an early and a late start to the season this year. Early because we have a volunteer that sprouted out of the compost bin (though I'm not sure what type of pumpkin it is). Hopes are high as the compost is enhanced by the manure of our backyard chickens. I witnessed a bumble bee pollinating the flowers last weekend - does bumble bee pollination = bigger pumpkin . . . ? I'm kidding, but I'd like to think the logic works that way. A late start because on the evening of the May full moon we didn't have a seedling to transplant, but I did start 4 seeds that we brought home from your class at the Huntington last year. Unfortunately, I had to start them in 3" peat pots. Not ideal, but it was all I had on hand. Attached are some photos.
Hope to catch your class at the arboretum on Sunday!
Thank you very much for your update and pictures, Kim! Persistence is the key to success! Nice looking baby giant pumpkins! Plus, it looks like you're set for fertilizer!
See you Sunday!