Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ed in Carlsbad: 33 and counting!

Good afternoon, Growers!
Here's what I received from Ed D. in Carlsbad today. I think Ed's got the ideal situation for some even bigger pumpkins in 2007...!
My pumpkins may not be the biggest in the U.S. but they are getting lots of attention from the neighbors. I have about 33 of them in all shapes, sizes and colors and the kids in the area have already made their choices for Halloween. It has been fun and in spite of the mildew, they continue to grow.
Thanks for all of your advice and I have learned quite a bit in my first year so I am looking forward to an even "bigger and better" pumpkin growing season next year!!!
Hi Ed!

Thank you very much! I hope you'll consider bringing up your favorite to the weigh-off on October 22nd! Your pictures are great!

I think that growers always learn the most the first season that they grow giant pumpkins. That said, I think growing the really big ones is a combination of art, luck, and science.

I am glad that you're looking forward to the 2007 season!

Thank you very much again!