Monday, September 25, 2006

Never give up: Ed's last stand in Carlsbad!
Good afternoon, Growers!
Summer is now over and I think my "Variegated Atlantic Giant" has put on all of the lbs. she is going to this season. I'm not complaining however since, as you can see from the 1st picture on 9/2 until the pics I took today, she has grown considerably. And this is pretty amazing since this "big baby" was not even born until late August!
You called it in your previous email and it is these type of rewards that make this hobby so enjoyable. Thanks always for all of your support and is appreciated!
Ed In Carlsbad"
Dear Ed,
Thank you very much for these images and your insights on giant pumpkin growing! (Even my pumpkin continues to survive and put on some weight, albeit at a very slow rate compared to July.) I am hoping that it will make it to October 22nd!
Wish me luck!