Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Not Over Until The Fat Pumpkin's Finished: Ed in Carlsbad II!
Good afternoon, Growers!
Ed in Carlsbad has apparently had a reprieve! Here are the results of his late season rally!
"Stuart, I'm not done yet! Here I am thinking that the mildew is going to take all of the "steam" out of my pumpkins but they seem to have other things in mind. They are determined to grow in spite of their dwindling "mildew ravaged" leaves. Here are 3 examples that have put on all kinds of weight during the past week. Two are the "Big Max" variety (deep orange color) and I believe the other is a "late bloomer" Atlantic Dill (variegated color). If you compare this with the picture that I forwarded last week, this late bloomer is really showing some promise. Now if the weather will stay warm for a little while longer...Thanks as always! Ed"
What can I say? Just when you think that your season's over... I think the variegated "Atlantic Giant" shows particular promise!
Well done, and thank you very much, Ed!