Friday, May 08, 2009

Glazier Elementary School's Giant Pumpkin Workshop Report Card
"Hi Stuart,

THANK you for a TERRIFIC day!

There were soooooo many positive comments from parents, students, and the special guests---Superintendent, Board Member, Public Safety, other teachers.

You can definitely see the excitement in the students. They LOVE the garden. I even had more students 'sign up' to be in the garden club so they could help take care of the seedlings. (I will also send home a note to parents for 'sign up' to water during the summer, etc.)

I was pleased that even the students were asking you 'good questions'...many times kids will 'think' they are asking questions when they are really 'telling stories'.

Parents were impressed with the workshop, and the knowledge and friendliness you showed.

I hope we will have a great many very giant pumpkins in the fall. I am going to try to keep in touch with those that got the seedlings so we know how their patch is doing. I am also thinking of having a showing in photos of the progress of their patches.

As you saw, we have a very large space, and the digging went fairly well. I thought the ground was going to be really hard, but it wasn't. So, we might plant another few mounds.

Eventually I want to plant a native habitat, like a nature trail, in much of the space at the end.

I hope you made it to your meeting in time. I know that the traffic can get pretty bad going south.....

Again, you were GREAT! Thank you again and again!