Saturday, May 16, 2009

Workshop attendees are restless before the seedling drawing begins.

Eighteen lucky future giant pumpkin growers' tickets were drawn.

A happy seedling winner!

This lucky attendee commented at the beginning of the workshop that he couldn't dig a deep hole... Of course, he gets a seedling. The irony is almost limbic. Fortunately, he brought his special giant pumpkin seedling guard dog, so it all worked out fine.
A very happy seedling winner!

Record Attendance at Laguna Hills Nursery!

Good afternoon, Pumpkinistas!

The tour returned to its origins at Laguna Hills Nursery this morning. Last Saturday's Orange County Register selected today's workshop as an "Editor's Top Pick". So, the turn-out was pretty astounding. I am glad I brought extra seeds!

Eighteen fortunate workshop attendees have new occupants for their patches or soon-to-be patches. Transplant them soon! The other forty-eight workshop attendees received excellent seeds, encouragement, and hopefully, a little luck.