Monday, May 04, 2009

Russ Price (left) and Stacie Taylor (right) discuss the 2009 campaign.

20 cubic yards later, the patch is complete!
The Innovation of the 2009 Season: Hair Rollers!
The Taylors' Taking It On!

Good morning, Growers!

I received this great update from Wendy and Stacie Taylor this morning and I wanted you to get it as soon as possible. Wendy's use of her hair rollers as a source of bottom heat to improve seed germination is pure genius.

"Hello Stuart,

Attached are a few pictures to share regarding our progress for this year's growing season.

Sunday April 26th Russ stopped by to see our patch preparation and to deliver seeds from his 475 lb pumpkin. We soaked 3 of his seeds overnight and planted them in pots Monday. By Saturday, we had a seed peeking out of the soil. This year we had much more success in getting the seeds to germinate quickly by using my heat hair rollers. This kept the seeds warm 24 hours a day.

Our patch is going to be at the same location as last year, underneath our orchid tree. Plus a second spot in our yard is being prepared. We purchased 20 cubic yards of compost from Sierra Soil Products, Inc in San Juan Capistrano. This was used to roto-till into the existing bed to build up a 2-3 foot thick patch for planting our pumpkin. I think we will be planting the first 2 plants next weekend, May 10th.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Best regards,

Wendy and Stacey Taylor"


Hi Wendy!

Good afternoon! Thank you so very much for your message and pictures!

The use of hair rollers to provide bottom heat for your seeds/seedlings is brilliant and elegant. What sort of temperature(s)/temperature range were you able to maintain? I noticed you are using a dial soil thermometer. Taylor, by chance?

It looks like you're off to a great start! Twenty cubic yards of compost should do the trick! I am sure it will make burying your vines a lot easier.

Thank you very much again!

I look forward to your next message from the front!


P.S. I have since found out that the constant temperature Wendy was able to achieve was 79 degrees F., and that not all of the 20 cubic yards of compost was used for the Taylors' pumpkin patch.