Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chris Rowe Martinez, Manager of Orchard Nursery & Florist

Madeline of Orchard Nursery & Florist, The Display Kahuna!

Pre-workshop attendees

Post-workshop attendees

A Great Morning at Orchard Nursery & Florist!
Good evening, Pumpkinistas!
The maiden workshop at Orchard Nursery & Florist was great! The workshop area was magnificently appointed and arranged by Madeline and the attendees were very engaged and asked excellent questions. This was my first visit/workshop to/at Orchard Nursery & Florist, and I hope it will not be my last. The staff created stunning posters and the displays in and around the nursery were eye-catching, original, and unique. I tried to capture the feel and beauty of them above. I don't think I've ever seen so many Japanese maples in one place before, except for perhaps Kyoto.
If you're ever in the Lafayette area, I highly suggest you stop by and see this impressive nursery.