Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Workshop at Wegman's Nursery, Redwood City!
Good afternoon, Growers!
I'm at the San Jose International Airport, and thought I'd post the pictures and comments from this morning's workshop at Wegman's Nursery. Very briefly, it went very well. Wegman's Nursery is tucked into a space off one of the main streets in Redwood City. It's very much a traditional nursery, and it looks like it's very well established. This morning's workshop was the first time they had hosted a giant pumpkin growing workshop. There were even a few veteran growers in the audience: Terry Sand of Hyatt was there and shared a story of how much the residents of her long-term care facility enjoyed growing their giant pumpkin named "Irving" last year, and their plans for growing another one this year. She's pictured above in the brown top and blue jeans in the front row. We even had an international workshop attendee from Chile, who will be returning to South America to establish a community of giant pumpkin growers in the Andes! Finally, Barbara, also sitting in the front row, to the far left, walked to the workshop from her place a few blocks away, arrived early, and won the $50.00 Wegman's Nursery gift certificate. She'll be growing her pumpkin this year assisted by her 6 year-old grandson.
I hope you had a pleasant week-end!