Thursday, April 02, 2009

An Update from Martha Treadway in Whittier!

Good afternoon, Growers!

I received this update from Martha Treadway (pictured above with her 2008 Pumpkinmania entry, Ms. Peanut) and it looks like there are some warm-up competitions and activities available right now:

"Hi Stuart,

I am sooooo excited that the pumpkin workshops are starting---and for the pumpkinmania season to begin!

There was a short announcement in last weekend's USA Weekend, the Sunday paper insert magazine, page 5 asking, "Have you grown giant fruits or vegetables? Send photos, tell the story. Select entries will be announced on and may be published in a book. For complete entry details, go to

Thought the Pumpkinmania folks might like to know about that.

Also, the 48th Agricultural District sponsors a Schools' Agriculture and Nutrition fair, for school students. This is like the 4-H for city kids. The theme this year is "Fields of Nutrition"My booth entry this year is...."PUMPKINMANIA"! My students have been busy 'pumpkinistas" all year long. We still have 2 very large pumpkins in the classroom that haven't gone 'bad' yet.

I am hoping that they will last until the Fair, April 22-26, 2009. I'll send pictures of the Fair when I get the display set up and also let you know what, if any, prize/ribbon are awarded for our work.

Just doing my part to keep "pumpkinmania' alive and in the hearts of the youth!


Thank you, Martha!