Tuesday, June 23, 2009

John Rector: 9 for 11!

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

I have a dispatch from John Rector, near Seattle today:


Here is my status report.

Loretta and I wandered into your giant pumpkin lecture at Furney's Nursery in Des Moines, WA. We received 3 packs of seeds and a bag of fertilizer. I bought two more bags. I soaked two packs (11 seeds) for 48 hours (changed the water about 6 times). Of the 11 seeds I soaked and potted, 9 sprouted. I suspect the other two were not cared for properly. Loretta and I have planted 2 sprouts each. 4 sprouts went to family and friends. 1 is still in a pot. 3 people want it.

Everyone is a little excited about growing big pumpkins.


John Rector"

Thank you very much for your update, John. 9 out of 11 is a very good germination rate. How are you going to decide which of the three will receive the seedling?