Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bill Liston: Going to Great Lengths for His Pumpkins!
Good morning, Pumpkinistas!
I received these great photos of his vine and pumpkins (July 9, 200) and message from Bill Liston about his recent trip to Alaska in search of the freshest and most effective organic fertilizer:
"Hi Stuart,

Here's a few photos of the pumpkin plant. (one of the full plant, and one of the 2 pumpkins) You can see the vine running under one of our Fuji apple trees. I'm trying to get it to grow down the back of the yard - so far so good. Also, a photo of some King salmon in Alaska. L-R in the photo: me, (Bill) my 16 year old son Kevin, and my friend Glen. All of the fish were 20-25 pounds, and we caught a few Coho salmon too.
Bill Liston"

I can completely understand about wanting to find the only the best materials to grow better and larger pumpkins.