Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Mc Guirks in Ventura Have Planted!

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!
I received this update from Lisa earlier this week, but have been remiss in not posting it sooner:
"Thank you Stuart for all the info. I attended the Ventura talk you gave. It did go on long, but I found some live ladybugs to bring as a present to the little girl’s bd party I was late to go shopping for and bring my little one to attend.

Fate decided I would not be putting this plant in the ground the next wknd after the talk, as planned. First, the people hired to get rid of my 2 yr old's "mountain", and dig out the old Jacuzzi hole underneath, didn’t leave it unfilled (pic 1). So hub had to dig out a hole in a different spot (pic 2). It took awhile for him to get to it as he was not looking forward to digging in our soil which is almost pure clay. Not knowing exactly when the hole would get done, I put off planting seedlings until I saw the whites of his eyes above an empty hole.

Okay, so the hole got dug, like 7 bags of Amend, manure, etc. got mixed into it, but I was reluctant to put the seedlings I planted in the ground due to the weather we have had – fog, chilly wind and temps never getting above around 70 (even with the recent heat wave). And the plant just really liked sitting in its corn seedling container in a plastic bag at night and out in the sun when it came out.

About 2 wks ago, I finally did transplant and had the first unround leaf already popping thru before transplanting, but forgot to plant the plant so the vine would grow opposite it, so the vine will probably head toward the fence. Other than that, the plant couldn’t be happier. Except for white flies. Hub just sprayed with Safer soap, so I hope Mr Pumpkin will be okay. Three new leaves past the transplant with the first one getting really big. Here are the preliminary pics. Will update. Lisa"

Thanks Lisa! The key is that you've planted your seedling and it sounds like it's doing well!