Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dispatch from Dark Horto!

Good morning, Pumpkinistas!

One of the concerns of many would-be giant pumpkin growers is the space that a vine may require and the potential hole-digging and mound preparation. Dark Horto, previously known as Rob Smith, San Diego, CA sent in this image of his vine and growing area as of July 7th. Dark Horto has addressed both of these potential issues by growing his vine in a trash can.

Here are Dark Horto's own words:

"My humble vine seems a bit of a late-season afterthought. Boo-hoo...but I hope that the growing season lasts long enough that it can mature. I can already envision a vine of some 100 ft. in length, winding around the planter beds, if it can sustain itself on the diet of water and fish hydrolysate I'm force-feeding it. Thought you might enjoy a progress report.

Dark Horto"

Not to worry, DH!

As you can see, Dark Horto's vine and leaves are quite healthy: big, very green, with no insect damage or leaf droop. Since his seedling has been in the ground for roughly a month, he's right on track for a very nice pumpkin by Halloween.