Monday, July 13, 2009

Dispatch from Todd Slinde, PhD!
Good morning, Pumpkinistas!
I have a special treat this morning. Todd Slinde, one of the senior managers at Kellogg Garden Products, and frequent workshop attendee, finally succumbed to growing a giant pumpkin this year. After suffering an early, puppy-related setback, Todd regrouped, and sent in these pictures of his vine and very impressive sunflowers.
From Todd:
Summer greetings!

Here are some long overdue promised pictures for you of my Giant Pumpkin Plant.

A beautifully organically amended and fertilized hole (Kellogg, Gardner & Bloome and Dr. Earth of course!), with the help of my growing partner Adam, is producing good results so far. If you’ll remember my first attempt on the full moon of May 9, the seedlings were dug up by my son’s new Boxer/German Shepherd Mix puppy named Bailey. More seeds were planted and transplanted on June 3rd. These are the pictures of that plant.

I planted a mix of various sunflowers around the plant for three reasons:

I love sunflowers and it adds to that summer / fall feel.

To distract the puppy. It worked the puppy did dig up two sunflower plants but never touched the new pumpkin plant.

The bees love sunflowers and I am hoping that having them near by will attract enough for good pollination of the pumpkin.

There is plenty of sun, water, good soil and bees!

I’ll send you more as the season progresses.

Take care and we’ll talk soon friend!

Todd Slinde PhD (Pumpkin Hole Digger)