Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Big Tim in situ
Big Tim
The Taylors: 200% Bigger in 2009!
Good morning, Pumpkinistas!
Here's the latest from Wendy and Stacey Taylor:
"Hello Stuart,

Here’s our update. We have 3 giant pumpkins at this moment. Big Tim is estimated at above 100lbs today, Semele at 28lbs and Palene at 37lbs. These are all on the same plant #2. Big Tim on the primary vine and the others on secondary within 18ft of the seeded plant roots. Plant #1 had a pumpkin Simba that got to 23lbs and then withered away. It was a sad day to see a potential leave us. Unfortunately, we had culled all others from that plant so we will have to wait for the next blossom to take.

Notice the picture of Simba with the ring around the blossom. This was our first sign that something was unusual and there may be a problem. Next was the weight dropped on the next measure. Days later, we cut into her and found each segment within seemed to have developed well. I guess one of her segments didn’t get pollinated.

We are very happy with our results this year. Our second year has brought new lessons and also many more rewards. With Thor at 43.5lbs last year, we are more than double our weight results and triple in pumpkins.

More later,


Truly, it's been a bountiful giant pumpkin growing season for the Taylors!